The Problem with Frank Stitely? We Need More Frank Stitelys!

Greg Kyte

In response to "The Problem with Timesheets? Not Enough Timesheets!" More comments here.

by Greg Kyte / @gregkyte

Frank Stitely's CPA Trendlines article "The Problem with Timesheets? Not Enough Timesheets," a courageous response to what he refers to as "the value billing Taliban," was flawless from start to finish.

To start with, since most timesheet detractors are required to grow a beard, are pissed that women can read, and have up to three wives, comparing them to the Taliban was spot on, and was in no way incendiary or belligerent.

With insights like Frank Stitely's, we can all come closer to winning the race to the bottom.

Next, he made a great call telling everyone to stop reading his article except firm owners and future firm owners. Only firm owners can understand how to run a firm in the same way that only highly successful NFL players can ever be great NFL coaches. Take Vince Lombardi. He never played pro football, and now people are like, "Vince who?" READ MORE →