Why Solo CPAs Won’t Sell Out

And what to do about it if you want to buy their practice. What is it about the sole practitioner that prevents them from doing something that seems to make so much sense? They need to do something soon about … Continued

Can You Hear Me Now?

Eight reasons why accounting firms need to work on internal communications first. by Bruce W. Marcus Professional Services Marketing 3.0 A terrific definition of chaos is when a client asks two different people in your firm the same question — … Continued

Tax Pro’s Turn Negative on Busy Season

Washington brinksmanship spells big crunch for preparers. Join the survey; get the updates. by Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines Research With Tax Season 2013 delayed by last-minute code changes, staffing problems and software glitches, the mood of the profession is turning … Continued

What a Managing Partner Is… and Is Not

Why some firms decide they don’t want a true managing partner. By Marc Rosenberg, CPA Author of “CPA Firm Management and Governance” Over the years, I have found that many firms lack a clear understanding of what a Managing Partner … Continued

Seven Ways to Wow Your Prospect

  And stand apart from the competition. By Sandi Smith, CPA Accountant’s Accelerator As the competition for clients heats up, it’s time to pull out all the stops and make your prospect feel like you’ve rolled out the red carpet. … Continued

FASB Issues ASU 2013-02 [FASB ASC 220]

New comprehensive income display guidance. by Thomas A. Ratcliffe, Ph.D, CPA Plain-English Accounting The FASB has issued Accounting Standards Update [ASU] 2013-02, entitled Reporting of Amounts Reclassified Out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income. The ASU amends the guidance in the … Continued

What Your Liability Policy Probably Doesn’t Cover

  Insurance company beats accountant in court over lost client data. How to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. CPA Trendlines Research In yet another warning to firms about safeguarding client databases, insurance policies won’t necessarily protect you if … Continued