How to Manage Social Media in 22 Minutes a Day

Young man riding hour hand of clockDon't take on more than you can do well.

By Becky Livingston

When done well, social media management should not take up all of your time. However, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it process either. Consider the amount of time you plan to spend on social media – and be realistic! In some cases, social media management and community managers do this full time.

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But they are overseeing multiple brands and interacting with a variety of audiences throughout the day. In some cases, they are also doing the research for new posts, content development and analytics.

Below are some ways to engage in social media platforms for just a few minutes per day.

10 Minutes: Twitter

  1. Respond: Take a few minutes once or twice per day to respond to any tweets that may have been directed your way.
  2. Schedule: Schedule Tweets for the next week to promote any recent content, shares or events.
  3. Share: Take a few minutes to share others’ content in your industry to help build relationships.

6 Minutes: Facebook

  1. Respond and Engage: Respond to any comments on your wall or on your content. Spend a few minutes liking your clients’ and thought leaders' content in your clients and your industries.
  2. Promote and Share: Promote recent content on your page. Consider sharing content from staff events and things that represent the firm’s culture.

4 Minutes: Pinterest

  1. Recent Activity: Spend a minute posting any recent content, especially that with a high visual appeal. Consider using a blog post that includes images, infographics, photos and relevant external content.
  2. Engage: Get “social” with people who have commented or liked your firm’s content. Return the favor, comment or thank them for pinning your stuff.

2 Minutes: Google Plus

  1. Share: Share any recent activity the firm has posted. Use your Circles* to segment content to the most relevant audiences.
  2. Ask Questions: Because Google Plus is receptive to long-form posts, feel free to comment on posts you’ve seen that may resonate with your clients and help to increase your influence in an industry. Try to facilitate a conversation among followers.

* Circles in Google Plus are similar to segments, such as in an email list. In Google Plus you have the ability to create “circles” of people associated to a topic, interest, gender, etc. You choose who goes in each circle by adding the person’s Google Plus name into the circle via a check box. Then when you’re ready to share content to that specific audience, you can post only to that circle.

Example: EBP Audits

You may have a variety of audit clients, but the EBP audit clients have a specific filing time per year. You may choose to share just EBP-related tips, news, guidelines, tip sheets, etc. with just that group. Google Plus’ circles are great for segmenting and doing just that.

Developing, implementing and managing a content marketing strategy is time-consuming. But, when done well, the benefits can be very rewarding. Keep in mind you don’t have to spend a lot of time each week managing the platform(s) of choice when using an automated scheduling tool.

However, my recommendation for those just starting out is to take it one step at a time. Do one thing well. Conquer it and then move on to another while maintaining the first.

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  1. Marcy

    What about LinkedIn?

  2. Roger

    This is a particularly helpful post for professionals. I’ve often thought that social media was a waste of time until lately. I see the power of it now and am trying to do a better job at managing it. These tips really help. One thing I’d like to add to the list is find good automation tools. Anything that can help automate the process can save a ton of time. Great post!

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