How to Build a Strong Landing Page for an Accounting Firm

Young businesswoman using a tabletDeliver on your promise to get the permission you need.

By Becky Livingston

What are landing pages?

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The challenge with the website home page is that there’s often a disconnect with the messaging. If you send out an email about the best tax practices for small business owners, sending visitors to your firm’s home page isn’t giving them the content that was promised.

What landing pages allow you to do is speak to specific audience about a specific product or service. So you might make a landing page for a specific topic, service, whitepaper, consultation, etc.

It’s NOT just any landing page on your site.

It IS a page:

  1. that includes information specific to a certain set of criteria
  2. where someone completes a form or action
  3. that exists solely to capture visitor information through that form or action

Use landing pages to convert visitors to leads. You’re going to give them something of value in exchange for permission to contact them. What you’re trying to do is have a lead-capture form that’s going to ask for their name and email. Remember, if you ask for too many things, some people are going to be cautious about giving that information to you.

You’re going to promise to deliver something and you really need to deliver something of value. Remember to align that offer with the specific type of audience that you’re trying to attract.

Landing Page Elements

The first thing is the headline. You have about three seconds to grab someone’s attention. The headline is the thing that’s going to grab their attention when they land on the page.

Your lead came from some other link, email or Google search and landed on this page. Your headline is going to tell them whether they’re in the right spot.

Then you want some very concise and very compelling copy. What are they going to get by staying on this page?

Next, a really strong image is needed. It can be a beautiful image, it can be a small graphic, but it has to relate to the reason why they landed there and, generally, from where they came and what the promise was.

Finally, you want to have a call to action and a lead capture. The lead capture is really that ability to ask for some personal information and what you’re really asking for is permission – permission to

  • contact them in some way,
  • give them the information and
  • continue to contact them.

You’ve got to build trust to do that. So, make sure that your copy isn’t too “salesy.” But, you do have to make your offer compelling, because otherwise they aren’t going to fill out their information.

Landing Page Elements Summary:

  • Logo
  • Headline
  • Offer
  • Descriptive copy
  • Product/Service
  • Call to action
  • Form
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