Track Your Online Reputation

Businessman using Internet on smartphone and laptopWhat do people see when they search your name?

By Sandi Leyva

One thing you will want to track is your online reputation. This is a little different from online marketing.

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What do users see when they Google your name? Does your website come up, or is it a person with the same name as yours whom clients could mistake for you?

Tip: Google your name to find out what is coming up. Clients and prospects will, and it’s important that you know what they are seeing.

For a long time, I owned the reputation and ranking of “Sandi Smith.” Then I got married and now Sandi Smith Leyva is what I track. But I still need to track Sandi Smith and Sandi Leyva. Even if you can’t completely control it, it will be good to know what comes up when someone enters your name.

When I search for one of you guys, I usually add the word “accounting,” “CPA,” “bookkeeping” or something else to try to qualify it. See what comes up when you do that as well.

There are tactics you can use to recover your online reputation if you have a problem. If you have a specific problem, such as a bad review, you can contact the site and research what your options are. You may be able to discuss a retraction in some cases, or otherwise make it right.

If you just want to rank higher, one quick thing you can do is to purchase all domain names that have your name in them. For example, I own

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