Caragher Launches Capstone Community

Capstone Marketing, which is operated by CPA Trendlines contributor Jean Caragher, is rolling out the Capstone Community, a new network of managing partners interested in education and collaboration in CPA firm growth and client retention.

A two-year program that will begin in January 2016, members will meet via online meetings and receive one hour of individual coaching 10 times each year. Membership in each community is limited to 10 firms of similar size that are geographically exclusive. Members will have 24/7 access to the Capstone Community Library, including templates, checklists, videos, and more. 

“There are many managing partners interested in growing their firms and retaining clients who don’t have a peer group or internal marketing expertise,” explains Jean Caragher, president of Capstone Marketing. “The Capstone Community will fill the gap and provide managing partners with targeted tools, training and teamwork to enrich their firms.”

Learn more about the Capstone Community at  To register go to

The 12-Step Program for Building Better Client Relationships

Selfie Cell Phone PicsTurn the habits of everyday friendship into business skills.

By Jean Marie Caragher
The 90-Day Marketing Plan for CPA Firms

Since strong client relationships contribute to client satisfaction, longevity and lead generation, partners often encourage their managers and staff to build relationships with their clients. But these managers and staff look at the relationships their firm’s partners have built over time and think it’s impossible to replicate their results.

Building relationships with clients can be done using the same behaviors that we use when building friendships and courting our spouse or significant other. Consider these 12 tips to build client relationships, especially during tax season, prime time for in-person client contact. READ MORE →

10 Real-World Expectations for Accounting Firm Marketing

By Jean Caragher
Capstone Marketing

Clearly, over the past 15 years marketing professionals have elevated the sophistication and effectiveness of CPA firm marketing programs.

CPA firms employing marketing professionals are no longer news.  But too many partners still don’t understand what marketing can and cannot do. The discrepancies often lead to frustration and failure.

So, let’s get real. Here are the top 10 expectations partners should have for their marketing departments: READ MORE →

10 Partner Must-Do’s in Getting the Most of Your Marketing Director

By Jean Caragher
Capstone Marketing

Capstone research reveals that two of the top three challenges that CPA firm marketing professionals face are “fighting fires” and “lack of partner support.”

But all that becomes a little more manageable if the partner and the marketing director share realistic expectations with each other.

Here are the top 10 expectations marketers should have for their firm’s partners: READ MORE →