The Role of Finance in Adaptive and Interactive Learning

Are you using everyone to their full potential?

By Jennifer Templeman

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Portrait of Jennifer Templeman

I believe in the power of creativity, in innovative thinking, and of play as a conduit to bring forth new ideas. And yes, and I’m a CFO who leads a team of finance professionals who focus on compliance, adherence to regulations, and perfecting the process of predicting and ensuring an outcome based on historic performance and data.

Despite how at odds these two confessions may seem, they work together in a way that supports my belief that finance is a department designed to lead the culture in an organization.


Let’s Talk About the Fiscal Close

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Portrait of Chris Doxey

Who has time for metrics and analytics?

By Chris Doxey
Doxey Inc.

If your finance and accounting organization is bogged down by a fiscal closing process that never seems to end, it has little time to focus on enhanced reporting or analytics. Visibility to accurate financial information and underlying operating metrics are critical to your management team in any economic environment.

Many factors place the spotlight on the fiscal closing process, which is usually led by a team of individuals in the corporate finance and accounting department and managed by the corporate controller. The complexity of the process is driven by the nature of the company – private, public, nonprofit (tax-exempt or mission-based) or government – and the type of industry or industries for which the company is responsible.


Building a CPA Marketer’s Tech Stack

The right tools for the job.


By Bob Goricki
Skoda Minotti

Being a CPA firm marketer means that you are often faced with two major limitations: time and budget. Unfortunately, I’m unable to create more of either, but I can point you in the direction of tools that can help maximize both.

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At this year’s AAM Summit, I’ll be sharing 10 of my favorite tools that help CPA marketers work smarter, not harder. While the full list will have to wait until May, I want to share a few “bonus” tools in this blog to jumpstart your post busy season marketing efforts before the conference. All of the tools below are free to try, so get started today!


Thanks, Avalara, We’re Honored

The Avalara Top 100 on social media


As Avalara says on Facebook:

Avalara is super excited to announce the launch of the #AccountingTop100 social media leaderboard! This awesome leaderboard highlights outstanding accounting professionals based on their overall presence, influence, and engagement on social media platforms. Updated rankings are generated every two weeks, so if you're an accountant or bookkeeper who thinks they've got what it takes to make the list, check it out and join for free today!


Biometrics and Next-Gen Security for Innovative Firms

Portrait of Thomas Schoessow

3 critical points to consider.

By Thomas Schoessow
VP of Technology, AbacusNext

When you enter the field of accounting, it’s natural to assume you know what you need to know in order to develop your practice and succeed. After all, you’re an expert in your field, and you can help clients build their business and think strategically about their financial decisions.

But, what you may not have realized is that much of your success and growth will rely not only on your subject matter expertise, but also on how you manage technology and data security within your accounting firm. READ MORE →