CPA Trendlines Salutes Our Expert Authors Honored by CPA Practice Advisor

Rampe, Johnson, Hostetler cited.

CPA Practice Advisor's 40 Under 40 Awards this year include several CPA Trendlines expert authors, including:

  • Kristen Rampe, CPA – Founder, Kristen Rampe Consulting.  More here
  • Kacee Johnson, MBA –  Founder/CEO, Blue Ocean Principles. More here
  • Dustin Hostetler –Shareholder, Chief Innovation Officer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Boomer Consulting, Inc.  More here

The annual program recognizes professionals who are "visibly and incrementally changing the accounting profession."

Accountex Features CPA Trendlines Headliners

Appearing at Accountex, top row: Johnston, Vetter, Warawa; bottom row: Shimamoto, Cieslak, Kless, Johnson.


Tech conference set for Boston, Sept. 6-8

Accountex - Free pass, $200 off: Register here with promo code 'CPATrendlines'
Free pass, $200 off: Register here with promo code 'CPATrendlines'

AccountexUSA, the annual conference on accounting technology once known as SleeterCon, is convening this year in Boston, Sept. 6-8, with a number of CPA Trendlines authors and experts in featured speaking roles.

CPA Trendlines readers can use the promo code "CPATrendlines" for a free pass to the expo hall or $200 off conference attendance when they register here.


Auditors: The World Needs You in the Fight Against Terrorism

What the Profession Needs to Know about Money Laundering. 

By Wm. Dennis Huber and Larry Crumbley

There are difficulties in measuring funds channeled into financing terrorist organizations and activities worldwide. Various sources estimate this funding to be between $590 billion and $1.5 trillion through money laundering. PwC suggests that “money laundering transactions are estimated at 2% to 5% global GDP, or roughly $1-2 trillion annually.”

However, financing terrorist organizations and activities is not necessarily the result of money laundering. Financing terrorist organizations and activities may be accomplished by reverse money laundering, or “money dirtying” which may make financing terrorist organizations and activities even more difficult to estimate.

Just as evidence of fraud cannot be ignored, so too evidence of financing terrorist organizations can no longer be ignored.

The goal of money-launderers is, like that of a corporate enterprise, to maximize profits and reduce risk while the goal of terrorists, on the other hand, is to further a political agenda or ideology, or to destroy or kill with no regard to profits and with little regard for risk. READ MORE →

True Diversity: The Next Frontier for the Accounting Industry

Jennifer Scott SUM Innovation HR

Understanding the Business Case in the Tax & Accounting Workplace.

By Jennifer Scott
SUM Innovation

Workplace diversity may best be described as the blend of individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors — all coming together to achieve a company’s vision.

Catch SUM Innovation founder and CEO Mathew Heggem discussing "The Art of HR" with Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte in a Thriveal podcast here.

Vision is an important concept for small businesses. There are multiple definitions of the word: the sense of sight, a thought or perception, an apparition, even an amazingly beautiful image. But in a business context, a vision is a future-focused statement about what an organization intends to become.


SURVEY: Getting New Clients in Today’s Competitive Environment

Join the Survey. Get the Results.

Marketing and Business Development: Trends and Strategies

You're invited to join the CPA Trendlines survey on Marketing and Business Development.

As a participant, you'll be the first to see a topline summary of the key findings, giving you and your firm a headstart on the newest trends in new-business success.

Early responses are already suggesting:

  • Sharp upticks in spending and activities in pursuing new business,
  • a swing toward online internet strategies, and
  • more intensive and organized referral networking activities.

But what's the right answer for your firm?

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Join the survey. Get the results.


Accountants Across the Generations

Rick Telberg from CPA Trendlines, at left, leads panel, left to right: Deborah Hammett, Adelman, Katz & Mond;  Salvatore Collemi, Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services; Peter Frank, Cornick Garber Sandler; and Jordan Frey, EisnerAmper.

CPAs address inter-generational challenges and opportunities.

Every generation has its own view on what works best in today's environment, according to a multi-generational group of CPAs at a panel discussion hosted by the Accountants Club of America. Rick Telberg, president and CEO of Bay Street Group and of CPA Trendlines Research, moderated the panel discussion. “As professions go, the accounting profession is the most entrepreneurial of them all,” he said. “There are more small firms and solo practitioners by number and by percentage in the tax and accounting profession than in any other licensed profession. This is a profession of entrepreneurs, whether we admit it or not, whether we embrace it or not, whether we know how to encourage it or not.”

The panel included New York-based CPAs: Deborah Hammett, Adelman, Katz & Mond;  Salvatore Collemi, Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services; Peter Frank, Cornick Garber Sandler; and Jordan Frey, EisnerAmper.

READ MORE at AcccountingToday >>>