How Accounting Geeks and Techie Nerds Can Play Nicely Together

Donny C Shimamoto, CPA CITP IntrapriseTechKnowlogies

The budget demands it.

By Donny C. Shimamoto

With this first article in a series, CPA Trendlines presents an overview of the CPA firm technology strategies of Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, and a leading advisor to CPA firms, that will look at issues in strategic technology budgeting for 

1. personnel,
2. hardware,
3. software,
4. licensing and subscriptions to IT-related services,
5. capital vs. operating vs. project expenditures, and
6. the IT asset lifecycle.

We’ll look at ways to use cloud computing to reduce costs and smooth budgets. These articles will offer concrete solutions whenever possible, but often they can do no more than suggest issues that geeks and nerds need to make relevant to their organizations. The solutions are as varied as the problems. And step one, as they say, is to recognize that there’s a problem. Shimamoto's ideas are worth examining, and they inspire additional thoughts and questions.

Accounting geeks and IT nerds are folks from different countries, different cultures, different ways of life.

They speak different languages and they have different objectives within their organization. The accountants will never fathom – nor should they have to fathom – the hardware and software needs of the IT department. Likewise, IT has more important things to do than deal with the intricacies of accounting. READ MORE →