SURVEY: Next Gen Leaders Getting Restless

Angry anger frustration staff worker businessmanHow do you keep them?

By Jennifer Wilson
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

Growth is up for many firms. But so is staff turnover.

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In firms with solid marketing engines, people – including firm leaders – are stretched thin trying to

  • land prospects,
  • serve clients,
  • recruit and onboard people and maybe even
  • integrate a merger.


2014 Roundtable: The Baby Boomers Take Control

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As one generation ages out, a new one reshapes the future of the profession.

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By Jennifer Wilson
Convergence Coaching


Without a doubt, succession issues permeate all aspects of the firms we're encountering.

These include identifying and developing successors — especially rainmakers and practice leaders, ensuring that the buy/sell makes sense and can be sustained over time, determining retirement timing and issues, establishing and executing transition plans, communicating plans, recruiting new talent to backfill positions and exploring new ways to govern the firm to give more voice to those who will be taking over. Succession implications are far-reaching and can be consuming. READ MORE →

Q&A: Jennifer Wilson on Creating a Great Place to Work

Thanks to the economic bust, the staffing crisis for CPA firms seems to have evaporated.

So here’s the question: Does creating a “Great Place to Work” still mean anything these days?

Jennifer Lee Wilson
Convergence Coaching LLC

Yes, I believe the concept of building a "great place to work" still means a lot. Just the other day, I was training up-and-coming leaders at a firm that is striving to be a great place to work.