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Microsoft Surface Phone: The Latest Rumors

Microsoft Surface smartphone
Microsoft Surface smartphone

By Rick Richardson
Technology This Week

Microsoft has a less than stellar track record when it comes to mobile. Whether or not the forthcoming Surface-branded phones signal an end for the Lumia line remains to be seen, but Microsoft has at least had some success with Surface, which the company will hope to replicate.

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Kevin Gallo, director of Windows Developer Platform at Microsoft, alluded to the handset's existence when he spoke of plans to develop smartphones targeting the business sector. What follows is everything we know about the Surface Phone so far: the design specs, release date, and price. READ MORE →

Management Stipends: Who, How and Why

Businessman sitting behind his desk in the office talking on a mobile phone listening to the conversation with a serious expressionAnd when NOT to pay.

By Marc Rosenberg
Partner Comp: Art & Science

What is a management stipend and why is it necessary?

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Partners with significant, official internal duties require a substantial amount of time to do these jobs properly. Main examples would be the managing partner, PIC, practice group leader, executive and compensation committee members.

Steer Your Protégée to Opportunities

Stylized industrial 3D number 88 ways to guide her.

By Ida O. Abbott
Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know

Once you have identified a woman to sponsor and determined that you click, you may be wondering how to get started.

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Here are some concrete steps to take:

How and Why to Offer Estate Planning

A woman hugs another woman, who is cryingBONUS: Sample asset distribution worksheet.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

Estate planning is a vital service for many clients who do not have a will or a current will, or who have a will but did not consider major estate planning techniques.

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We have found that many clients with wills had them hurriedly prepared just before a trip or vacation and had very little planning guidance.

$26 Billion Worth of Strategic Insights for Accountants
Download Microsoft's pitch deck on the Linkedin deal (PDF)

This isn’t just news. It’s a business lesson in three parts. 

By Hitendra Patil

Microsoft announced that it is buying LinkedIn for a colossal $26.2 billion—cash. What’s the message to the accounting profession? The value of the “professional network” isn’t in the number of its members, but the combination of the buying and the influencing power of Linkedin members. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Take a look at how MicroSoft and LinkedIn look at the deal (PDF). While Microsoft is paying $26.2 billion (including net cash) to buy LinkedIn, it believes the total addressable market of its LinkedIn purchase is $315 billion. READ MORE →

Seven Ways Newsletter Marketing Still Works for Accountants

Magnet drawing in three peopleThe formula: Straight talk, no gimmicks.

By Steven Klinghoffer
WPI Communications Inc.

Marketing rules and tactics for accountants are often different from those for product and service marketers. Because reputation is everything for accountants, their most effective marketing programs use a dignified tone—and a modest frequency. Moreover, the audience for tax and accounting services tends to be averse to gimmicky messages.

No matter how rapidly the marketing world changes—how quickly our tactics and tools evolve—some things remain the same: Quality content that educates and otherwise has an impact is certainly not outmoded. Nowhere is that truer than in the marketing of professional services—and it is a key driver of the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of newsletter marketing.Blogs, emails, and newsletters are everywhere, but they are not all created equal. The good ones inform clients or patients and build brands for the professionals who distribute them.

Here are seven ways and reasons newsletters–when executed properly–work exceptionally well for services professionals, even today. READ MORE →

Why Transparency Matters to Clients

Young man in sweater and tie smiling at smartphoneIt's time to rethink how you communicate.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

Social should be in your DNA. Identify the communication gatekeepers in your firm.

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Do you want everybody in your firm tweeting? It’s a good idea – just like you have all your firm members representing your firm wherever they are.

Communication Goes Both Ways

Diagram of 2-way communication5 best practices on the way to greatness.

By August J. Aquila
What Makes a Great Partnership

The other elements of a good partnership won’t make much difference if there is not good or great two-way communication in the firm.

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Managing partners and partners need to communicate frequently and effectively to make a partnership work.  Poor communication is often at the root of many a partnership’s problems.

Can We Please Refer to Accounting as a Profession?

rose“A profession by any other name…” (With apologies to William Shakespeare).

By Steven E. Sacks
Solutions 2 Results

Profession: n. Calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.

Maybe I am just cranky, or maybe I have a valid point. Far too often I hear accounting being referred to as an industry rather than a profession. Let us be honest. Accounting is a profession that requires years of study and experience, culminating–if one desires–in a CPA credential after successfully passing an arduous two-day, four-part online exam. This does not even include the yearly continuing professional education requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and state boards of accountancy to maintain a license to practice as a CPA.

How often do we read or hear accounting referred to as an industry? In my opinion, too often: and, it is always an incorrect reference. Accounting, is, in fact, a profession, and like any other profession (e.g. legal, medical, or education), requires specialized knowledge and training.