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How to Conduct Business Valuations and Forensic Investigations

Includes a sample preliminary document request.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

Business valuation is performing appraisals of businesses for many uses and reasons.

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Forensic investigations relate to disputes that are in or will lead to litigation.

10 Quick and Easy Tips for a Better Busy Season

Man working on a carYou may want to keep some of these going year round.
Another busy season is upon us. Are you feeling excited, anxious or dread?

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It’s probably a mix, but hopefully there’s more excitement than any other emotion since you will be helping so many more people during busy season than any other time of the year. Here are 10 easy-to-implement ideas to help your busy time go smoother than ever.


New Device Prevents Insulin Overdoses

Insulog deviceAutomatic log makes double-dosing much less likely.

By Rick Richardson
Technology This Week

Three years ago, Menash Michael stepped out of his Tel Aviv home to walk his dog.

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By the time he reached his driveway, he was lying unconscious on the ground. He’d fainted. Fortunately, his tumble was spotted by a next-door neighbor who called for an ambulance, and he was rushed to the nearest hospital.

How to Make Mandatory Saturdays a Thing of the Past

Dog sleeping in home office as woman works at computer in backgroundFour mental shifts to make.

Sound-Off: Does your firm require working on Saturdays?
Join the conversation here.

By Jennifer Wilson
On Staffing

I always challenge firm leaders to evaluate their “old school” practices and shift toward more engaging, motivating and even “cool” ways of operating to retain top talent.

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One of the ideas we’re hearing cool firms employ is the elimination of mandatory Saturdays during busy season. When I’ve shared this in group settings at CPA conferences, I literally hear a gasp of surprise because it challenges one of the most fundamental elements of public accounting – tracking, measuring and valuing time.

Today I want to explore the possibility of eliminating mandatory Saturdays – which does NOT mean eliminating overtime in most cases – and discuss ways that might help make this “new school” idea work and make public accounting an even cooler profession for up-and-comers.


How to Deliver Wow! Every Day

Word "WOW!"8 ways to add value for your clients.

By Rob Nixon

I have been telling accountants to be proactive and add value ever since I started working with you in May 1994.

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If you are going to remain relevant you are going to have to be proactive and add value. That means the level of WOW needs to improve.

Immigrants: Surging Market for Tax & Accounting Services

Percentage of U.S. self-employed born abroad reaches 19.5 percent. Source: US SBA

Newcomers drive the nation's solopreneur sector.

By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines

Nothing says American like entrepreneurship. No nation offers such fertile soil for the seeds of business. And small businesses are the underlying energy of the American economy. Fed by inspiration, elbow grease, and gumption, they account for a disproportionate amount of the nation’s jobs, mobility, and innovation. When small businesses thrive, everybody thrives.

Three new reports on entrepreneurship from the U.S. Small Business Administration offer insights that may be of interest to CPA practices. Each report looks at one of three groups that are in the news every day: Millennials, seniors, and immigrants.

It may surprise many that the educated, tech-savvy millennials are increasingly less likely to start their own businesses.


Guidelines for Flexible Work Policies

Young couple holding hands on winter hike with mountain in backgroundPlus 6 reasons to adopt unlimited PTO.

By Jennifer Wilson
On Staffing

The best way to reduce conflict and disappointment in flexible work policies is to clearly establish expectations.

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There is no better way to accomplish this than by having a clear, transparent and up-to-date policy document.