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Is Sponsorship Right for Your Firm?

Man in striped shirt holding spiral binder and talking to woman at laptop6 steps to help you get started.

By Ida O. Abbott
Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know

Sponsorship is a personal undertaking. A man who sponsors a woman takes it upon himself to advance her career. He puts his reputation on the line for her and tells the world she is worth it.

She still has to earn that promotion, but his solid, public vote of confidence – and the power he puts behind it – at least gives her a fair chance to get it.

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In return, sponsors receive personal satisfaction and capable and loyal leaders who help them achieve their business goals and build their legacy. READ MORE →

The 3 Hallmarks of the ‘New Accounting’ Business

Gale Crosley


News flash – the business model has changed.

By Gale Crosley

When we think of innovation we typically think of a new product or service – something that didn’t exist yesterday that will make tomorrow better. Innovative offerings are essential to the portfolio of any growth-minded CPA firm.

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However, long-term sustainable growth requires a far more comprehensive innovation in your growth model, the strategic blueprint that helps you get from Point A to Point B.


Can Accounting Firms Lead With Work-Life Vision?

And 5 practical ideas to implement measures to create real work-life balance at your firm.

Work life balanceBy Hitendra Patil
Pransform Inc.

Do you want employees who have:

  • greater engagement in their jobs
  • higher levels of job satisfaction
  • stronger intentions to remain with their employers
  • less negative and stressful spillover from job to home
  • less negative spillover from home to job
  • better mental health

Aren’t these the things most accounting firms would want their employees to experience? READ MORE →

CPA Firms Struggle to Meet Staff CPE Expectations

In Comments: “More is needed. This is an opportunity for firm leadership.”
Join the survey: Get more results.

COSTrainingResults of a new CPA Trendlines career outlook survey show optimism among staffers about management support for personal advancement and commitment to training. But firms appear to be struggling to keep up with staff demands.


Standardize QuickBooks Support for Clients

Word "license" on word cloudLicensing can get expensive.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

In the United States, QuickBooks is the most dominant small business accounting product on the market and will be the application that the majority of the firm’s clients use.

Therefore, it is obvious that the firm must become proficient with supporting QuickBooks.

MORE ON TECH SPENDING: How to Choose the Right Client Portal Solution | Streamlining Bill-Paying at CPA Firms | Digital Tools Streamline Audit Production | Making Digital Tax Process Easier Is All About the Workflow | When to Adopt Microsoft’s New Office Apps | What Windows 8 Means for How Accountants Will Work in the Future | How to Choose the Right Backup System | How to Know It’s Time to Scrap Your Old Server

Unfortunately, one of the biggest wastes of time is when firms support too many older versions of the software, which often leads to incompatibilities that can corrupt the database and make it unusable for clients.

Emerging Breed of CPA Rewrites the Rules of the Profession, Smashes Old Business Models



‘Generation Flux’ embraces adaptability, flexibility, openness, decisiveness.

By Gretchen Pisano
The Radical CPA

With a lifelong commitment to con­tinuous learning, CPAs are some of the most willing learners you’ll ever come across.

Today’s new generation of CPA embraces adaptability and flexibility, an openness to learning from anywhere, decisiveness tempered by the knowledge that business life today can shift radically.


Tax Pro E-filing Levels Off from Initial Burst

Receipts, refunds still running higher than last year.


Tax professionals e-filed about 18.47 million returns through Feb. 13, 2015, down 2.6 percent from the 18.95 million returns e-filed by the same time in 2014. READ MORE →

Is Joint Representation a Conflict?

Ed Mendlowitz CPA The Practice Doctor Q and AMake sure they both agree and you should be OK.

QUESTION: I have a long-term tax client who is going through a divorce and have been asked to meet with both spouses (soon to be ex-spouses) to perform tax and financial planning services. Is representing both of them a conflict?

ANSWER: It has the potential to be a conflict if not handled properly. Here is an engagement letter that Martin H. Abo, CPA/ABV/CVA/CFF uses in such circumstances. It is included here with his permission.


Do You Realize You’re Failing?

hand using key to unlock doorBe proactive, rather than waiting for business to come to you.

By Martin Bissett
Understanding Selling

Have you noticed all of those titles in the local bookstore or at the airport offering us the “key” to this and the “key” to that, the “six keys” to one thing and the “four keys” to another?

It also seems that every book is a “game-changer” now, to the point where it is difficult to understand what the game is anymore, never mind how to play it.

When it comes to winning new work in professional services, we must first build a relationship. The game hasn’t changed at all in that respect. READ MORE →

Are You a Passionate Accountant?

Young Asian entrepreneur reading magazineTake this quiz to see whether you’re phoning it in.

Do you seek out opportunities to learn new things that will help your clients overcome their most difficult challenges?

Selling value-creation advisory services is truly a slam dunk with most modern business owners, according MentorPlus. The bad news is that, although most CPAs would say they are their clients’ most trusted advisor, few could answer the following questions in the affirmative.


11 Ways to Add Value for Clients

Businessman standing outside the office on the phone with coffeeDo these right and your revenues should benefit, too.

By Sandi Smith Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

As you build your relationships with your clients, it’s always a good thing to see how you can serve them even better.

Here are 11 ways you can add value to your existing services that will enable you to stand out from the competition, serve the client better and put more green in your bank account.

MORE ON SMALL-FIRM GROWTH STRATEGIES: 5 Things You Know That Clients Don’t | 3 Ways to Test Your Revenue Forecast | 8 Must-Haves for a Prospect Kit | Whip Out the Wow Factor for Clients | How to Work the Same Hours and Make More Money | If You’re a ‘Best-Kept Secret’ Cut It Out! | BUSY SEASON SURVAL TIPS: 5 Ways to Turn a Tough Day Into a Great One | Take Advantage of 4 Key Marketing Strategies  | Four Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table

 As you go through the list, check them off to see which ones you are doing, and which ones sound good to add to your business.


How to Build a Powerhouse Learning Team for Your CPA Firm

Create competitive value by combining practitioners and educators on the same team.

By Michael Ramos and Cate Miller

CPAs bring a diverse range of skills to any business problem. At small firms, partners wear many hats, including management of the learning function. But as firms grow, it soon becomes apparent that one of the firm’s partners – no matter how talented he or she may be – is not functioning at their highest and best use if they have to manage the entire learning function on their own.

Training And Development  Part 3 in a 3-Part Series: Run Training Like a Business

     Part 1: 4 Steps to Get More from Your Training Budget

     Part 2: How to Manage CPE by the Numbers

     Part 3: How to Build a Powerhouse Learning Team 


With size comes a diversity of learning needs and management of the learning function becomes more complex. The opportunity cost of having firm partners and managers limit their billable hours to coordinate training begins to outweigh the costs of engaging the help of a learning professional.

Thus is born the need for a learning team.


11 Clear Client Instructions to Make Your Tax Season Easier

Businessman points to words "KEEP IT SIMPLE"Help them help you.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Tax Season Opportunity Guide

Providing instructions of what a client needs to do must be clear enough so that the client doesn’t call you to find out what to do.

Sometimes taking an extra minute to lay out what the client should do can eliminate that call or indecisive moment a client might feel.