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Celebrating the End of Tax Season 2014

Celebrating the End of Tax Season 2014

Some of our favorite comments from some of our favorite readers…


Tax Season Success Drivers: Better Software, Easier Clients, Higher Billing Rates

Tax Season Success Drivers: Better Software, Easier Clients, Higher Billing Rates

Annual CPA Trendlines Busy Season Barometer…


Tax Professionals Plagued by Tough Competition

Tax Professionals Plagued by Tough Competition

Trials and tribulations…


When a Happy Client Isn’t Enough

4 essential habits for building client trust.

By Bruce W. Marcus

In the firm with a strong marketing culture, getting the client is only half the battle. The other half is keeping the client. It’s done with more than just doing good work. In fact, most clients, surveys tell us, don’t really know how good or how bad your work is. Why should they? It’s not the business they’re in. They have to trust the accountant.

Bruce W. Marcus


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Don’t Close for Tax Season

12 easy traps to fall into.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Practice Management Answers

QUESTION: It is tax season and I am inundated with work. Do you think it is proper to tell regular clients that I will deal with their problems after April 15?  READ MORE →

Xero’s on a Mission: Beautifying the Accounting Industry

By Sandi Smith Leyva

If you have small business clients that don’t pay attention to their accounting as much as you would like them to, you are likely not alone.  The problem is that most of us accountants give up on those types of clients who seem apathetic to our passion for numbers.  We shrug our shoulders and consider the client a hopeless case if they won’t take a look at their financial reports at our urgings. READ MORE →

Something Cool: Mind-Mapping the Big Four Scandals

It started as a rivalry between two brothers.

One of them worked at one of the Big Four (still does). And he was always making jokes about the other firms’ scandals.


E-Filing by Tax Pro’s Down by 527,000 Returns

It’s better than last week’s 704,000-return deficit.

But IRS data shows the professional tax preparer industry is still running behind year-ago rates, with 48.8 million returns e-filed in the latest week, compared to 49.2 million in the year-ago period. READ MORE →

Making Time in Tax Season for Extra Work

By Ed Mendlowitz
Top 101 Practice Management Answers

QUESTION: It is tax season and I am very busy, but many clients need financial planning advice and I want to make it a separate engagement for after tax season. What can I do now to get the work?  READ MORE →

Is the Profit Squeeze Over?

New trends emerge in net profit margins and accounts receivable.

After years of intensifying and debilitating pressure on bottom lines, profits at tax, accounting and bookkeeping firms appear to be hitting 10-year highs, according to information obtained by CPA Trendlines from Sageworks, the specialist in tracking private-company financials. READ MORE →

The 20-Step CPA Firm Merger Process

wrong way go back sign file6271273137854Step 1: How to find the right candidate.

Every merger is different, says Marc Rosenberg in How to Negotiate a CPA Firm Merger. “It’s impossible to choreograph, from A to Z, exactly how the process for all mergers will work.” In this 20-step roadmap, the milestones are laid out in the order they most commonly occur.  Each twist and turn has its own perils. And they don’t necessarily come in the same order every time.


The 3 Traits Shared by 150 Top Managing Partners

What successful managing partners do

By Robert J. Lees and August J. Aquila
How to Engage Partners in the Future

The problem is that in the majority of CPA firms there is no clarity around what being a managing partner actually entails and, specifically, what managing partners should do to create and sustain their partners’ commitment to actively participating in delivering the firm’s future.

Our research involving in-depth interviews with 150 managing partners at the world’s leading firms identified that the truly successful managing partners share three key activities: READ MORE →