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2018 Tax Filing Season Begins Jan. 29

Tax Returns Due April 17.

from the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service announced today that the nation’s tax season will begin Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 and reminded taxpayers claiming certain tax credits that refunds won’t be available before late February.

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on Jan. 29, with nearly 155 million individual tax returns expected to be filed in 2018. The nation’s tax deadline will be April 17 this year – so taxpayers will have two additional days to file beyond April 15.  READ MORE →

The IRS Tip 10 List for Choosing a Tax Pro

Setting expectations.

By CPA Trendlines

As a tax pro, you already know what it takes to serve your clients well. But do your clients and prospects know?

In a new 10-point news release aimed at taxpayers, the IRS sets some guidelines for taxpayers to "choose their tax return preparer wisely." You might want to be prepared for the questions clients and prospects may ask.

Here are ten tips for taxpayers to remember when selecting a preparer:


Google, Rolls-Royce to Create Self-Piloting Ships

Illustration of self-piloting shipCars just need to replace one driver; ships have to take over for entire crews.

By Rick Richardson

Self-driving cars weren't even on the horizon a little more than a decade ago, but now it seems that every major automaker and the most prominent firms in Silicon Valley are hot on the trail of driverless cars.

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Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent), is widely considered the front-runner in autonomous driving. Waymo has compiled more than 3.5 million miles driven on the highways and byways of the U.S.

Are Your Prices Too Low?

Businessman sleeping with a giant dollar bill for a blanketHow much value do you create for your clients?

By Rob Nixon

The most popular question I get is, "How do you determine the price?"

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Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that. If you were in the commodity business (selling the same things that others sell) then it would be relatively easy – see what your competitors are selling their comparable product for and price yours higher or lower based on the quality of your product and service.