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Google, Rolls-Royce to Create Self-Piloting Ships

Illustration of self-piloting shipCars just need to replace one driver; ships have to take over for entire crews.

By Rick Richardson

Self-driving cars weren't even on the horizon a little more than a decade ago, but now it seems that every major automaker and the most prominent firms in Silicon Valley are hot on the trail of driverless cars.

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Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent), is widely considered the front-runner in autonomous driving. Waymo has compiled more than 3.5 million miles driven on the highways and byways of the U.S.

Are Your Prices Too Low?

Businessman sleeping with a giant dollar bill for a blanketHow much value do you create for your clients?

By Rob Nixon

The most popular question I get is, "How do you determine the price?"

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Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that. If you were in the commodity business (selling the same things that others sell) then it would be relatively easy – see what your competitors are selling their comparable product for and price yours higher or lower based on the quality of your product and service.

How ‘Agile’ Applies to CPA Firms

Examine change from three standpoints: financial, technology and people.

By Jody Padar
From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide

Today we're going to ask the agility expert. Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA, is managing director of IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC.

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JP: Can you describe what your firm does?

DS: We help transform CPA firms in a couple of ways. One is to help them embrace the cloud in a reasonable manner. The second is to embrace new approaches of working. You could even maybe say that we help them become Radical firms.

Determining Your Desires Should Be an Active Process

woman ladder binoculars city view outlook vision success climb AdobeStock_57204649.jpegBONUS: A flowchart of desire.

By Bill Reeb

I believe that every day, in a way, we do exactly what we want to do or what we desire. For instance, you might be frustrated by your present weight, but if you don’t change your eating habits or exercise regimen, then you clearly do not desire to lose weight.

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Another idea that complicates determining what we want, which is far more subtle and complex, is that we subconsciously or consciously suppress many of our desires.

New Year’s Resolution: Solve the Partner Comp Problem

Dial with arrow pointing to word "strategy"Is 2018 the year to take a hard look at your partners and your compensation model?

By Domenick J. Esposito
8 Steps to Great

Let's take a deep dive into both a firm’s partner mix and its compensation model.

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In a "Good to Great" research study on high-performing organizations performed by Jim Collins, it was concluded that the method of compensation, as a causal factor for high and sustained performance, is largely irrelevant. The study concluded that whatever system is in use, it simply must be rational and equitably managed and that high sustained performance is largely the result of doing many things well.

SURVEY: The Return of Spam

Trend Watch: Spam is back with a new vengeance.

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