Digital Tools Streamline Audit Production

Say good-bye to your old friend “SALY” By Roman H. Kepczyk Quantum of Paperless Traditional audit practices use the previous year’s audit programs and processes updated for the current year as their standard operating plan. MORE ON TECH SPENDING: Tech … Continued

Big Four Slump in China

Five years of losses to second-tier firms. By CPA Trendlines In what the world’s leading China-watcher in accounting calls “bad news for the Big Four,” KPMG was dropped a notch and EY was pushed out of the top four rankings … Continued

Study: Fraud Hits Smallest Companies Hardest

Many never fully recover. By CPA Trendlines The typical organization is losing 5% of revenues per year to fraud, costing about $145,000 per company – and smaller businesses are disproportionately victimized, according to a new research report. The losses translate … Continued