Big Four Slump in China

Five years of losses to second-tier firms. By CPA Trendlines In what the world’s leading China-watcher in accounting calls “bad news for the Big Four,” KPMG was dropped a notch and EY was pushed out of the top four rankings … Continued

U.S. Leads Big Four’s Global Growth

Revenues are rising almost twice as fast for the The Big Four in the U.S. as in the rest of the world, according to a new study. Share on Facebook Add to Google+ Post to Linkedin Tweet this

Big Four Set for Fresh Growth in 2013

Get the full report in an instant download. [Free to PRO members.] Driven by  improving economic circumstances, the Big Four are geared for revenue growth of 5% to 8% in 2013, with particularly good performances expected in advisory,  Asia and … Continued