Pick Your Partners Right to Begin With

Choose intelligently and avoid problems later. by Marc Rosenberg, CPA What characteristics do you want someone to possess before you invite them to be a partner? Related: Compensation Issues for the New Managing Partner | 20 Decisions for Your Firm’s New Partner Compensation … Continued

How to Close a Sale: The Four Corners

They don’t teach sales in accounting school. But every practicing accountant should know the four basic closing techniques. You’re probably doing some or all of them already. But it’s handy to keep them in mind, nevertheless. They are the basic … Continued

Three Secrets to Easy Billings

Test your firm’s business savvy. Accountants know that winning additional work from current clients is a whole lot easier than finding brand new clients. But too many firms fail to seize the opportunities. Why? Simple:

80 Ways for Accountants to Use Twitter

Answering the question: “What can Twitter do for you?” Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media, Inc. says small businesses like accounting firms can use Twitter as a way “to find new leads, build relationships, and as an overall way to cost … Continued

SageWorks: Small Biz Liabilities Grow

Sageworks Inc., which makes ProfitCents financial analysis software for private companies, has been getting a lot of ink lately for the benchmarking reports it produces from aggregated user data. A spokesperson sent this to us, with this note: “I thought … Continued

Creator of “Up Your Cash Flow” Goes Online

Luca Pacioli Harvey A. Goldstein, who invented Up Your Cash Flow and remains longtime managing partner of Singer Lewak CPAs in Los Angeles, is birthing a new brainchild: instant cash-flow forecasts for small business. It goes by the unfortunate name … Continued

SURVEY RESULTS: Busy Season Outlook

Pre-season jitters are spiking early this year. Worried by a sinking economy and swirling changes in code and regs, tax professionals are showing acute concerns about the oncoming busy season, with 28% registering at least a 7 on the CPA … Continued

Take a Lesson from a (Former) Fat Smoker

Why doing the obvious isn’t always easy. How does your firm measure up? Join the survey. See the answers. by Rick Telberg/At Large There’s hardly a finance or accountant organization on the planet whose owners and staff haven’t decided, resolved, … Continued