Recession Bumps Off ‘Mass Affluent’

$200,000 per year doesn’t cut it anymore. The established notion of “mass affluence” is getting pushed aside by a new study that redefines the spending power of the truly and the up-and-coming affluent as the “Class Affluent” and the “Emerging … Continued

CPAs Surge into Wealth Management

The rise of the accountant-adviser. via Smart Money A growing number of CPAs are refashioning themselves as more well-rounded financial advisers. Some 5,000 CPAs now boast a “personal financial specialist” credential, up 28% since 2008, and another 7,650 accountants are … Continued

Four More Years: Clients Delay Retirement

“Boomers have been scarred.” Half of Baby Boomer clients who have postponed retirement due to the economic downturn expect to work at least four years longer than they originally planned, according to CPA financial planners. Fifty-two percent of CPA financial … Continued