So, Who Said Tax Season Was Supposed To Be Easy?

Tax pro Robert D. Flach doesn't make it easy to do business with him.

There's a note on the Flach website that says he won't answer the phone, but you can leave a message on his machine. "I never answer the telephone without first screening the call via my answering machine - so don't hang up because I may be listening (except on Wednesdays)!" On Wednesdays, he doesn't answer at all.

He must be doing something right. He's been at it 35 years and says he goes on vacation from April 16 to January 14, when he also turns off his phone. So don't try to call him then, either.

But he does seem to find time to keep blogging as "The Wandering Tax Pro," and on his "New Jersey Tax Practice Blog," must-read for New Jersey practitioners.