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GET THE RESULTS: CPA Best Practices/How Happy Are You with Your Payroll System?

In this study, 699 accountants, finance managers and CPAs from all sectors of the profession were questioned in an online survey.

Of the respondents, 49% work in public accounting, 37% work in business or industry, 9% work in government, education or the nonprofit sector, and the remaining 5% are in other categories including vendors or service providers to the accounting profession. Some 64% are C-Level decision-makers and influencers.

The study gauges accounting practitioners’ satisfaction levels regarding the systems they use to handle payroll services, how those systems should be enhanced, the features important to payroll services delivery, and who will be the preferred providers of payroll services in the years ahead. (Note: Brand-specific information may be provided upon special arrangement with Bay Street Group.)

The study represents a broad-based barometer of the accounting profession’s sense about payroll services. It is designed to help CPAs better understand the issues underlying the quality of this deliverable, what their prospective clients expect from payroll services, and where the future opportunity lies in this business area. It should also provide the vendor community some direction on how to fine-tune their payroll products and services to meet the accounting profession’s evolving requirements.

GET THE RESULTS: CPA Best Practices/How Happy Are You with Your Payroll System?
[11 tables, 8 pages including summary analysis]

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