SEC’s Cox Gets a “C”

SEC Chief Chris Cox gets tough grades from accounting - professor - turned - tech - entrepreneur Thomas I. Selling (left).

"Cox has presided without nary a whimper over budget and staff cuts (even in the wake of Enron); and worse, a partisan effort has taken place to move any investor protection agenda stage left," Selling says at The Accounting Onion. "Front and center are the interests of financial institutions and those who serve them: in part by relaxing rules that threaten their market dominance, but also, in part, by doing nothing or too little about shareholders' access to the proxy, registration of hedge funds, and the independence and competence of credit rating agencies."

One Response to “SEC’s Cox Gets a “C””

  1. Tom Selling

    Thanks very much for calling attention to my blog post. Another reader pointed out that a CNBC commentator had coincidentally on the same day given his own assessment of Cox’s tenure. I’m hoping the clip will be available on the CNBC arhives, and when I find it, I’ll post it on my blog.
    Tom Selling