What the Boss is Doing on the Web

C-Level Executives are Engaged More Actively Than Ever in Web-Based Activities.

Ink-stained fingers and news channel-surfing are becoming things of the past, as the latest installment of Forbes.com’s Day in the Life of C-Level Executives survey found that more than two-thirds of the C-level respondents heavily relied on the Internet for business information.

Of the more than 600 senior-level respondents, 125 indicated they were C-level, and the groups often exhibited differing media consumption habits. For example, 57 percent of the surveyed C-level executives were more likely to access the web than read a newspaper before going to work compared to 49 percent of senior managers.

Contrasts between C-level executives’ daily work routines in 2003 and 2008 were evident, as their online activities increased. Reliance on the helping hands of assistants has also spiked, perhaps due to the excessive amount of email and information available online.

Daily Work Routine for C-level Executives: 2003 vs. 2008.

  • Go online to research my competitors and industry trends: 37% vs. 50%.
  • Go online to seek new partnership opportunities: 24% vs. 42%.
  • Before I do other work, I visit the Web for biz/financial news: 35% vs. 50%.
  • Seek job or career information: 26% vs. 39%.
  • Buy/sell stock or other financial investments online: 24% vs. 36%.
  • Seek medical or health information: 39% vs. 44%.
  • Read reviews about products or entertainment: 41% vs. 61%.
  • Pay bills: 42% vs. 64%.
  • My assistant does online research for me: 11% vs. 18%.
  • My assistant checks my emails for me: 6% vs. 14%

Source: Forbes.com via  ExecuNet