Jean Caragher: Eight Ideas to Jump Start your Marketing program

Is Your Marketing Program Stalled?

Jean Caragher, president of Capstone Marketing and a leading consultant to accounting firms, offers eight ideas for jump-starting your marketing program:

1. Determine your firm's ideal client and go after more clients like it.

2. Identify your firm's specialties and brainstorm how you can sell these services to new markets.

3. Train your professionals to identify cross-selling opportunities and to offer additional services to clients in an intelligent manner. An easy way to identify cross-selling opportunities is to use a spreadsheet that lists clients down the left-hand side and services across the top.

4. Conduct a client satisfaction survey.

5. Meet with your referral sources regularly, whether you have an established network or are trying to build one.

6. Have every professional join one trade or civic organization to enhance the visibility of your firm while learning about a particular industry or giving back to the community.

7. Review your marketing budget and look for ways to cut back.

8. Write a marketing plan that includes (1) mission, vision, and core values, (2) situation analysis, (3) goals/objectives, (4) strategies, (5) implementation, and (6) budget.

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From Capstone Connection, Marketing Ideas and Strategies for CPA Firms, Capstone Marketing,, April 21, 2009, “8 Ideas to Jump Start Your Marketing Program.”

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  1. Brian Swanson

    I like this post but think I would add on additional item under marketing plans. Jean accurately points out all the necessary items but I think one should also contemplate measurement tools. How will you measure the success of the marketing efforts in reaching the stated objective. I admit in some cases it is not easy to assess the ROI on an advertisement or similiar item but in other cases such opportunities do exist.

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