How to Keep Your Firm Out of Trouble in this Holiday Party Season

Nine tips for safe office parties.

It doesn’t mean you should ban alcohol. After all, what would a holiday party be without a little bit of grog or champagne? But it makes good sense to take precautions to help prevent employees or guests from getting too tipsy and getting behind the wheel.

  1. Be honest with workers. Make sure workers know their employer’s drug-free workplace policy and how it addresses alcohol use in work-related situations and social functions.
  2. Post the policy. Use different communication vehicles to ensure employees understand the policy. Prior to a party, use company bulletin boards, e-mail, and/or paycheck envelopes to publicize the policy and any rules specific to alcohol use.
  3. Reinvent the party concept. Why have a “traditional” party? Consider trying something new like an indoor carnival, amusement park outing or volunteer activity.
  4. Make it a party of choice. Always make plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available.
  5. Make sure workers know when to say when. When alcohol is served at an event, make sure all employees know that they are welcome to attend and have fun, but are expected to act responsibly.
  6. Eat…and be merry! Avoid serving only salty, greasy or sweet foods, which make people thirsty. Serve foods rich in starch and protein, which stay in the stomach longer and slow the bloodstream’s absorption of alcohol.
  7. Designate party managers. Remind managers and supervisors that even at a party, they may need to ensure that everyone adheres to their drug- and alcohol-free workplace policy.
  8. Arrange alternative transportation. Anticipate the need for alternative transportation for all party goers and make arrangements in advance. Encourage workers to make use of available alternatives, such as designated drivers, if they consume alcohol.
  9. Serve none for the road. Stop serving alcohol before the party officially ends.

via U.S. Dept. of Labor,  h/t Reed Tinsley cPA

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  1. meshkin

    Party? What party? The firm has not paid for a drop of booze for over a year.