Imagine: iPad App for Reading Financial Statements

One of the XBRL founding fathers says... "Imagine it."

"What if there was an iPad application for reading financial statements," Charlie Hoffman wonders aloud:

These won't be the static financial statements which are digital paper like HTML or PDF. I am talking interactive information, XBRL in the background allowing all sorts of interesting things to happen, things no one has seen before.

It is probably just a matter of time.

7 Responses to “Imagine: iPad App for Reading Financial Statements”

  1. Stewart McKie

    iPads – or any other ebook reader for that matter – are perfect platforms for financial statement analysis as mentioned here:

  2. Dante Layton

    Interesting POVs.

  3. Sharey Wang, CPA

    If there’s an App for iPad that will allow us to make Financial Statements interactive, I would definitely use it to better service my clients.
    It’s all about accessibility, when you have access to information; it will enable you to service your clients when they need you.
    I believe that is what sets a good CPA apart from the rest.
    Technology is here to stay, why not utilize it to the fullest extent to our advantage?

  4. Mathew Heggem

    The iPad needs many improvements before it can be an effective business tool.

  5. Milton Bulloch

    Instruments like the Kindle and the Ipad, for the first time, enable the professional to be pro-active in the present tense. Imagine – auditor has technical question while discussing transaction with client – search and bookmark related text from resource – sends to reviewing partner for concurrence


    Lawyer, in court, uses Ipad to search – answers challenge in the present.

    your representative before your customer can have access to communication history, transaction history with documents, account balances, shipping and fulfillment data in the present without the delay for admin staff to accumulate and total history data.

    For the first time in history, we can have access to Financial, economical, policy, law and corporate tenets in present tense not future tense.

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  7. Mitchell Reno

    CPAs and their firms need to spend more time imagineering how technology can be leveraged to add value to compliance services. The more value that can be packed into deliverables the better. The “interactive” formula of an iPad application that allows CFOs and CEOs to dig into the financial statement goes a long way in providing value.