The 2012 Marketing Plans of the Best Firms

High-performing firms look to leap ahead of low-performers with a few key strategies.

Marketing plan intentions, firms of 100 persons or more, comparing high- and low-performers

by Rick Telberg

A new study by CPA Trendlines shows that high-performing firms and low-performing firms are following markedly divergent marketing and practice development strategies as they battle through a sluggish economy.

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The complete 179-page study, “Marketing and Business Development Strategies at Accounting Firms – 2012 Survey Report, with Commentary and Analysis,” is available for purchase by CPA Trendlines parent Bay Street Group LLC. The study shows trends within the profession, but also distinguishes between high-performing firms and low-performing firms, based on time-tested proprietary CPA Trendlines criteria. In this study, high performing firms are far more likely than low performing firms to enjoy marketing successes. The data for this report was gathered over the course of more than two years and includes the responses of about 588 practitioners. The margin of error is plus or minus about 3 percentage points at a 90% confidence level. Click here to learn more.