Accountants Chop Prices for Schedule C’s

But most other rates are increasing.

In another sign that the profession is pushing through at least some price increases in a highly fee-pressured environment, a new survey reports that professional tax preparers this year will be charging an average of $246, up 6%, for a typical 1040 with a Schedule A and a state return. Still, the survey finds price pressure for Schedule C’s.

The survey shows pricing for the bread-and-butter forms delivered by local independent tax professionals, including:

  • Form 1040 Schedule C (business)
  • Form 1065 (partnership)
  • Form 1120 (corporation)
  • Form 1120S (S corporation)
  • Form 1041 (fiduciary)
  • Form 990 (tax exempt)
  • Form 940 (Federal unemployment)
  • Schedule D (gains and losses)
  • Schedule E (rental), and
  • Schedule F (farm)

The survey also breaks down pricing patterns by region, and adds data on client payment options.