The Cloud Isn’t Risky. You Are.

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1% of users represent 75% of the security  hazards.

By Rick Richardson
Technology This Week

A new report from CloudLock, a major cloud security company, says that we need to focus on user behavior as the biggest risk.

Based on analysis across 10 million users, 1 billion files, and over 91,000 applications, CloudLock concluded that 1% of users represent 75% of the risk.

Rick Richardson

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Understanding the composition of this 1% of users is crucial for security teams: often times, this subset of users includes super-privileged users, software architects, as well as machine-based identities (i.e., applications with programmatic access) that grant access privileges and archive data.

The disproportionate nature of cybersecurity risk extends to cloud-based collaboration. While organizations on average collaborate with 865 external parties, just 25 of these account for 75% of cloud-based sharing per organization.