Busy Season 2016: Topline Survey Results

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Top trends, metrics, benchmarks, and lessons learned.

By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines

For most CPAs, this year’s Busy Season may have been a marked improvement from last year’s, but that doesn’t mean savvy practitioners aren’t already learning new lessons and honing operations for next year. Indeed, CPA Trendlines research consistently shows that the biggest single factor determining Busy Season outcomes for CPAs is how they spend their so-called off-season. Many CPAs, understandably, want to forget about their last Busy Season, enjoy the rest of the year, and work on other projects. But those CPAs who seriously study the people, processes and outcomes of their last Busy Season, and start applying the lessons early, consistently report year-over-year advances in client rolls, fee income, and profitability. And 2016, although considerably better for most professionals than 2015, still has many lessons to teach.

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