Five Client Insights that Can Power Your Firm’s Future [FREE WEBINAR]

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CPA Trendlines author to reveal game-changing insights you learn from your own clients

Join CPA Trendlines expert author Hitendra R. Patil  for a complimentary webcast Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 3 pm ET, where he will reveal the unique insights you can gain from your own clients:

  1. Why your own clients' insights uniquely define your firm's future and give you competitive advantages
  2. How to uncover unique, leverage-worthy insights from your own clients
  3. How to turn client insights into actionable, replicable processes to multiply their impact
  4. What are the five surprisingly uncommon client insights you absolutely want to leverage
  5. What to do when competitors copy your advantages and create fee pressure

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How can you de-clutter the complexity of your client interactions and actually discover these powerful, uncommon insights? 

There are people who pay you to grow your firm. If you have spent a lot of money, efforts and years trying to grow your firm, you'd know how Godsend these people would be for your firm. The very same people who pay you to grow your firm also give you some unique competitive advantages.

You don’t need to spend the time and money to learn the most important insights needed for your firm's growth. All that you need to do is to leverage the insights from these very same people.  These people are not strangers. They are your own clients.

But there is considerable fog around what really are the insights from your client. Even if you ask your clients a few questions, the result is just “findings,” not “insights.” What you generally discover is “what” clients are saying, not “why” are they saying so.

You must have observed that the accounting profession is being urged to upgrade to advisory function by providing insights to the clients. You might have noticed that your clients are increasingly asking “why” when you provide them reports and information. In other words, clients are seeking insights from you.

You too would want to gain insights from your clients. But there is a problem. You are a professional whose brain is trained to discover insights from the accounting information. Clients’ brains are not trained to provide you with clear insights. They simply provide you with the information. Add to it another problem – you are, most likely, not really trained to discover insights from your clients.

You can discover uncommon insights from your clients only if you know how to do so. You can catapult the growth of your firm when you carefully identify the real, actionable insights. These insights can become your game-changing, unique selling propositions difficult for your competitors to copy.


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