Succession Institute’s Fall and Winter Webcasts

The Succession Institute, an affiliate of CPA Trendlines, is offering a new series of webcasts for CPA firm leaders. 

Save the dates: Oct. 16, Oct. 17, Dec. 11 and Dec.12.

The schedule:

Enhancing Your Trusted Business Advisor Role: What, Why and How-New and Revised

Oct 16, 11:30 am ET (2 hrs)

  • What, why, how, and the difference between MTBA and consulting packages
  • Our answers to typical objections to taking on the role of MTBA
  • How and why you need to be able to switch hats, make it clear you are switching hats, from being an expert, to being an advisor
  • How you can approach finding solutions your clients will support
  • The use of the General Contractor Model to facilitate your MTBA roles 

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Help Your Clients Identify, Prioritize and Quantify Challenges and Opportunities-New and Revised

Oct 17, 11:30 am ET (2 hrs)

  • Getting the client to open up the discussion beyond taxes and accounting
  • How to be sure you and the client are on the same page
  • Common questions advisors fear they will be asked that have simple positive responses
  • Generating a sense of urgency that will motivate your client to ask YOU for the business
  • Uncovering your client’s top priorities in less than 10 minutes
  • Quantifying the value of your involvement, and more, including case study examples of techniques covered in the webcast

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Pricing, Engagement, and Meeting Facilitation Tips-New and Revised

Dec 11, 11:30 am ET (2 hrs)

  • How to approach pricing when performing advisory work
  • Why you need to bill at a higher rate for advisory services
  • Phasing and breaking projects down into manageable pieces
  • Billing rates, project rates, value billing and retainers
  • Sample pricing scenarios
  • Meeting facilitation tips, to help generate more productive outcomes
  • How to make sure progress continues after the meeting is over

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Mergers, Acquisitions, Purchases and Sales of Practices: A Current Overview

Dec 12, 11:30 am ET (2 hrs)

  • Reasons to consider both for and against merging
  • Common firm management and succession issues driving most mergers and acquisitions
  • Compatibility factors between the firms to consider before saying “I do”
  • Generational issues within each firm that can make a huge difference

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