Key Considerations for a Successful Merger [Webinar]

A Tale of Two Firms.

Schumacher & Yamamoto and Williams MacNamara & Cappelletti were considering a merger. Synergies existed between the two firms - and a few red flags. Do they have enough information to make a smart decision?

Join CPA Trendlines expert contributor Jean Caragher and special guest Kevin Waits of Talent Won't Wait for a complimentary 45-minute webinar appropriate for firms of all sizes:

Beyond the Dollars and Cents:
Key Considerations for a Successful Merger/Acquisition
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
2:00-2:45 p.m. Eastern
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Attend and you will learn:

  • The Top 3 reasons why mergers fail - and what you can do about it
  • How to identify issues and challenges pre-merger that will contribute to your success post-merger
  • About common pitfalls of merger integration
  • About insights on winning cultures

The conventional approach to M&A is relatively narrow and looks primarily at legal, financial, and tax risk – and not at the more dynamic concepts of people and organizational design that enable a business to properly function. It is equally important to assess the cultural and organizational fit between two firms and their key people.

Did Schumacher & Yamamoto and Williams MacNamara & Cappelletti merge - or not? If mergers and acquisitions are part of your growth strategy - or will be in the future - attend our webinar for the answer and gain practical ideas and strategies you can consider for your firm.