When Staffers Meet Clients

Senior businessman mentoring two younger workersAre they asking the right questions?

By Jody Padar
From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide

It’s our communication skills that need improvement.

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Partners have the skills, but those skills don’t get transferred to our lower-level employees.

Now that everything’s in real time, often our lower-level employees are having more critical conversations sooner than the partner.

Because of this, we need to figure out how to transfer that knowledge so that we can get our new employees asking the right questions sooner, therefore adding value earlier.

More than likely, your newer team members are on the receiving end of more customer responses than you or your other partners, just because of the way the technology has changed and the way work flows through your firm.

If we ask more questions, we can then help them get better, and we can get our team members helping the customers better as well.

It all comes down to value.

Is there an internal tool you can create to help your team ask better questions?

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