The PPP Flexibility Act: Get the Latest Updates the Old or Grab the New? Rethinking the Game From Scratch.

with Bradley Burnett

Both House and Senate have passed legislation (H.R. 7010) radically overhauling the scope and mechanics of PPP loan forgiveness. Many of the bullets we were sweating will fall to the ground. But, which new ones will emerge?

Friday, June 19
12 Noon ET / 9 am PT
2.5 hours, 2.5 CPE
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If you haven’t filed for PPP loan forgiveness yet, don’t. The way we play this game must be rethought from scratch. [Rethink = To reconsider or involve oneself in reconsideration, especially profoundly.] The time for doing so is now.


  • New 24 week forgiveness period blows 8 weeks out of the water
  • New employee reduction safe harbor end game and the uncertainties it creates
  • How Form 3508 and Instructions must change
  • Strategies turned upside down on their head
  • Does this bail out America, create new headaches, or both?
  • What about PPP forgiveness changed and what did not?
  • But, wait, what if I want to keep the old macabre rules?
  • Shifted due date for the forgiveness application
  • How the terms of new PPP loans change – But, what about existing loans?

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