Monday, Nov. 9: PPP Forgiveness – Latest Updates, with Bradley Burnett

Live 3-hour Webinar: Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness – Aiming at a Moving Target and Hitting the Mark [Latest Updates]
Monday, Nov. 9
12 Noon ET / p am PT
3 hours, 3 CPE
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Objective: To update and increase competence toward hitting the PPP forgiveness topic

Treasury and SBA keep dropping game-changing rules on PPP forgiveness. And, it never seems to end. The changes matter more than a little. And, they keep coming.

The question becomes: How does a PPP borrower aim at the PPP target and actually hit it to achieve forgiveness? The answer lies in not only keeping up with the changes but also in developing a sense of context and thinking process.

This course helps you get there by highlighting (to name a few):
  • The new “simplified” Form 3508S released October 8, 2020
  • October 2, 2020 Change in Ownership Rules
  • 08/24/20 brand spanking new borrower-friendly IFR (regs) re owner-employees
  • 08/24/20 brand spanking new IFR limits re rentals, self-rentals, and mortgage
  • 08/11/20 FAQs spewn all about
  • 08/04/20 game-changer FAQs
  • Specifics of looming Congressional meddling
  • Automatic forgiveness – There’s no such thing
  • All else that’s new

Bonus Handout: Get the Survey Results from Our PPP Practice Management Survey

  • Are accountants charging for PPP services?
  • How much PPP fraud is there?
  • What risk level are people taking?
  • Who is the new PPP advisor?