Wed., Nov 11: PPP Forgiveness – Cases & Examples, with Bradley Burnett

Live 3-hour Webinar: PPP Loan Forgiveness Choosing the Right Covered Period and Filling Out the Form [Intensive] – Cases and Examples] Bradley Burnett
Wednesday, Nov. 11
2 pm ET / 11 am PT
3 hours, 3 CPE
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Objective: To enable the participant to gain a working knowledge of PPP rules and maneuvers through practical working examples

PPP loan borrowers face moments of truth: Which covered period to choose? The slow throttle 24 weeks or rapid-fire 8? When can the forgiveness app be filed? When should the forgiveness app be filed? Need you wait 24 weeks to file for forgiveness? What if there’s a drop in employee pay or headcount? How to know when a drop in pay or headcount endangers forgiveness or not?

There’s one way to answer all of these daunting PPP questions: via the study of cases and examples. If you plow through the right examples, you’ll get the hang of it. Patterns will emerge and so will your successful navigation through the PPP forgiveness maze.

We’ll guide you through the right moves for forgiveness through examples:

  • Sole proprietor without (or with) employees – How long to wait
  • General partners with SE income from the partnership – Right moves to make
  • S and C Corp owners – How exactly to compute compensation for forgiveness
  • Consequences of choosing 24 vs. 8 weeks period
  • Working examples of drop in salary or wages / Timing of safe harbor
  • Working examples of drop in headcount (full-time employee equivalents (FTEEs))
  • Application of each of seven drop in headcount safe harbors
  • Computing average pay and headcount for multiple testing periods
  • Taking the mystery out of “odds and ends” fact patterns
  • How to file your forgiveness app early and put it to rest

Bonus Handout: Get the Survey Results from Our PPP Practice Management Survey

  • Are accountants charging for PPP services?
  • How much PPP fraud is there?
  • What risk level are people taking?
  • Who is the new PPP advisor?