How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Technology Security with Internet Digital Signature as ArtDo you know your router’s encryption status?

By Rick Richardson

Given how much valuable information we entrust to computers these days, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your work and home networks are safe. All it takes is one chink in your Wi-Fi’s armor to compromise your system, leading to ransomware, invasion of privacy and the loss of invaluable personal data. Learn how to secure your Wi-Fi network today, and rest easier knowing you’ve prevented future outages.

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Wi-Fi works by broadcasting the signal from your modem via a wireless router up to several hundred feet away, allowing any compatible device to connect to the internet. While this is undoubtedly a major convenience for both work and home networks, it also raises the unpleasant possibility that a cybercriminal could compromise the network and access your devices and information. Should any crime be committed using your PC, such as spamming or harassment, the investigation would lead back to your computer, potentially putting you at legal risk.