Clarify Partner Expectations

It makes managing them easier. By Marc Rosenberg The Role of the Managing Partner Over the years, during countless partner interviews, many have told me they aren’t sure of their…

Remote Work Is More Productive

An unexpected pandemic benefit. By Chris Frederiksen The Rosenberg MAP Survey After distancing (A.D.), senior people want to work at home all the time. Younger staff members want to work…

COVID-19 Shakes Up M&A Activity

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SURVEY: We Adapted to Remote Work… Now What?

Woman sitting outside with laptop and smartphonePLUS: PPP loans helped firms in multiple ways.

By Gary Adamson
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

It looks like 2020 will be a good year for almost all small to midsized firms.

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Revenues will be flat to up with the PPP application and forgiveness revenue helping out, plus most firms will recognize their own PPP loan as additional income. The big question is what will 2021 look like for us and how deep will the economic damage for our clients be when the economy finally opens back up?


Overarching Authority That Managing Partners Must Have

Senior businesswoman holding portfolio16 items that don’t require formal votes. 7 that do. And 25 best practices.

By Marc Rosenberg
The Role of the Managing Partner

There is no better way to start this post than with a quote by Tony Kendall, managing partner of Mitchell & Titus, a large CPA firm with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities. Tony said:

“I can’t manage this firm if I have to take a vote every time I want to make a decision.”

For managing partners to be effective, they must have the authority and flexibility to make decisions without first getting approval and without subjecting those decisions to the nitpicking and negativity that may occur when management decisions are open for debate and discussion.

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There are two caveats to this: