What Clients Want from Tech Advisors

The top ten ‘soft’ factors small business owners are looking for before they buy.

By Laurie McCabe
SMB Group

The best small- and medium-size business know that strong financial planning is essential for survival and growth – especially these days when they’re looking for ways to automate financials, streamline planning and budgeting operations, and provide the visibility they need to steer their businesses through changing market conditions.

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The good news for accounting firms is that SMBs are increasingly turning to cloud-based financial solutions that can give them robust capabilities without the hassles of deploying and managing hardware, software, and infrastructure in house. Cloud solutions provide continual access to real-time, consistent information, frequent updates, and continuous innovation. While ERP cloud adoption has trailed in other areas, it’s poised to catch up quickly as businesses get more comfortable with the cloud model.


Tech Race: Are You Falling Behind Your Clients?

Laurie McCabe SMB Group Partner and Analyst

Survey: Small business rushing into new tech.

By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines

Digital transformation may be the biggest thing to happen to business since the invention of the steam engine, creating both problems and opportunities for accounting firms.

For CPA firms, the rapidly evolving uses of digital technologies means three things:

  1. Keeping up with the competition.
  2. Keeping up with clients.
  3. Identifying and satisfying new market opportunities.

According to a survey from SMB Group, 23 percent of small, medium, and upper mid-market companies (known as SMBs) believe they have a well-defined digital business strategy. In fact, only 33 percent even know what the “digital transformation” means.

Laurie McCabe, SMB Group Partner and Analyst, says the survey should help all SMBs get a better grasp of what’s happening. As well, the findings can also help CPA firms make better decisions.


Top 10 Tech Predictions for Your Business Clients

And why you need to be more demanding of your IT vendors.

With technology constantly changing the rules of the game, it’s almost impossible to keep up. Let alone to stay a step ahead. But here, from the analysts at SMB Group, are a few trends to watch with your small-business and mid-size-business clients and stakeholders. Some also apply to accounting firms. Many of these trends will need more investment and evangelism from vendors for CPAs and their clients to obtain maximum benefits.

— Rick Telberg
President / CEO 

1. Be prepared for the most progessive-thinking clients to sprint ahead of their peers. And watch out for the accounting firms that are doing the same.

Last year we identified a distinct correlation between investments in technology and business performance. Progressive companies and firms are more growth driven, invest more in technology and use technology for competitive advantage. They are also much more likely to anticipate revenue gains than peers whose tech investments are flat or declining—and the gap is widening. READ MORE →