Judy Trepeck on How to Think Beyond Accounting, with Steven Sacks

Clients need so much more than basic accounting & write-up.

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With Steven Sacks
The NEW Fundamentals

Armed with the latest technologies, accountants can do more than ever – faster, better, and cheaper. But too many accountants are missing the biggest opportunity that technology creates, according to Judy Trepeck, long a leading figure in the profession.

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In her conversation with Steven Sacks, Trepeck, currently senior vice president for customized training at the Michigan state CPA society,  outlines how CPAs can go beyond basic accounting to provide more value-added services. It requires experience, talent, ambition, and, maybe most of all, intuition.

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Trepeck provides a framework for any accountant to add advisory services to their menu of offerings.

Some of the key takeaways and the full transcript:


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