The First Thing You Need to Know for Success in the Tax Business

And it's not about how to do taxes.

By Chauncey Hutter Jr.
Real Tax Business Success

Here’s a secret that the vast majority of tax professionals get wrong. (In fact, it's true of most every struggling small business on the block.) Selecting the “right or wrong” target market can be the single most important factor which determines success or failure.

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Marketing means: Market first, message second, and media third, in that order. (And the order is important.) The market is critical. It’s the number one concern. If you don’t get it right, the rest of your promotion won’t matter. (You might as well save your money and go home.)

You see, if you don’t have the right market, but your advertising message is outstanding and the media you choose is the most cost-effective in the world, you’ll still lose money.) If they don’t want what you got, it just doesn’t matter what you tell them, how often you tell them or even how you tell them.

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Chauncey Hutter Jr.

About the Author

Chauncey Hutter, Jr. began working in the tax industry in 1990 in his father’s two-room $50,000-per-year tax preparation office. In just ten short years, Chauncey took this small office with a few part-time employees and built a multi-million dollar company with 27,000 clients, over 440 employees, and 15 market areas and across three states. Chauncey sold his ownership stake in the family business in 2007 to concentrate full-time on coaching and consulting business owners and entrepreneurs to greater levels of success.

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In 1996, he started Real Tax Business Success, a private consulting business to help other tax business owners achieve their dreams in their own tax businesses. A “Million Dollar Tax Business Builder” Membership Group was formed, offering tax professionals real-world marketing tools, “Renegade Wealth Attraction" strategies, and a fresh approach to growing a tax preparation business to the million-dollar level.

Chauncey has worked directly with over 3,700 tax business owner clients, helping create million-dollar breakthroughs along the way. He is currently accepting private consulting tax business owner clients on a limited basis and seeking to partner with or acquire tax businesses with the right attributes.

He can be reached at

Real Tax Business Success
205 2nd Street S.W
Charlottesville, VA 22902.

Phone (434) 293-2707

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