4 Reasons to Welcome Rejection

... and 5 ways to deal with it.

By Milla Austin and Ty Hendrickson
The Sales Seed

  • I think I’ll check my email and then make that call to a potential client.
  • After I finish all of my billable work, I’ll work on some emails to potential clients.
  • Instead of calling to follow up on last week’s meeting, I think I’ll just send over my proposal via email.

Does this sound familiar? Why do we procrastinate certain job functions and not others?

There is only one reason and unfortunately, it is the same reason we all have probably struggled with since childhood… the fear of being rejected. It seems so much easier to send out a proposal or any type of communication via email than it is to just pick up the phone or stop by the person’s office.

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Milla Austin & Ty Hendrickson

Austin & Hendrickson

About the Author

Milla Austin (left) and Ty Hendrickson (right) operate The Sales Seed, which provides business-development and sales training to accountants.

Ty Hendrickson is a CPA with almost 20 years of experience in both public accounting and sales. Ty worked as an accountant at firms ranging from small to large prior to moving into the accounting technology sector successfully building sales training programs for both Wolters Kluwer and Bloomberg BNA. Working in different areas of the accounting industry, Ty recognized that sales and business development skills are a necessary part of the job of a CPA, but also the most underserved in terms of skill development and training. Ty’s passion is to provide the tools necessary for accountants to not only be successful but also enjoy business development. Ty has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.

Milla Austin is a CPA and CEO who works with accountants to help them strategically build and grow their business. Milla believes that all accountants can increase their business by 15-20% by spending time doing the right activities that will generate revenue. Milla has developed two major sales training programs at Wolters Kluwer and Bloomberg BNA. Since Milla launched her training program at Bloomberg BNA, the company has had continuous grown and hit over their annual goal six years in a row. Milla is a trained sales trainer with specialized training in the sales process, presentations and leadership development. Milla holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Sacramento State University.

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