Reframe Sales as Communicating Value

Two people working side by side on laptopsCreate a conversation where the client can experience what it would be like to work with you.


I've talked about how the accounting industry has been disrupted. High-volume, low-profit services such as tax returns are being pushed out by large commercial organizations, leaving small and medium-size accounting firm owners to work increasingly harder for decreasing profits.

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The solution is to allow your business model to adapt by following these three core principles:

  1. Transform from accountant to advisor. (Read 3 Keys to Evolving Your Accounting Practice if you haven’t yet!)
  2. Learn to price/sell/deliver.
  3. Confront and conquer fear.

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Matt Solomon

Matt Solomon

About the Author

Matt Solomon is CEO of The Center for Enlightened Business, which provides tax, accounting, and finance professionals with the tools and skills to become masterful advisors, trained in the ability to sell, price, and deliver highly profitable work.

He takes an unconventional and bold approach to teach accounting firms of all sizes to learn how to get highly profitable clients and find more personal freedom. Empowering these firms to increase their engagements to $3,000-$15,000 per month while decreasing their hours by 20% or more.

Matt started his career at 17, successfully coaching accountants at an International Accounting Firm association. By 20 he was running a 15-person marketing department for a multi-million-dollar organization, by 26 Matt had trained and inspired over 1000 people internationally including those at Fortune 1000 companies, accounting conferences, and prestigious universities. Each engagement focused on the balance of personal and professional mastery of their true potential.

By the age of 30, Matt became the CEO of the Center for Enlightened Business. His work over the years has pointed to one compelling and controversial truth, that to unlock our great ability to attain personal and financial freedom while having an incredible impact on our communities. We must learn how to let go of the limitations in our thinking and free ourselves from outdated belief systems, and then we must learn how to take purposeful, intelligent, and inspired action to make our wildest dreams come true.

Matt’s taken notice of what he considers to be “The great epidemic in the accounting profession” – while the industry is being disrupted by technology and innovation, many still hold on to the old ways of thinking about and working in their businesses.

His training, studies, and work have led him to discover the heart of the matter; beyond strategy, systems and processes, tools and technology. The real issues that inhibit growth and evolution for the profession are the emotional and psychological barriers such as fear, doubt, and uncertainty. He believes that unless and until we solve the problem on that level, growth remains a slow climb and we will never reach our potential for profitability, impact, freedom, or fulfillment.

Matt’s made it his mission to help accountants understand, let go of, and move past the self-created limitations so that they can use personal empowerment as the engine for professional success and their business as the vehicle to help make the world a better place.

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