MAP Survey: When Bigger Isn't Better

How small firms profits stack up against larger firms in profitability.

By Charles Hylan
Rosenberg MAP Survey

While being a large firm doesn't guarantee higher profits, data published in the new Rosenberg Survey shows larger firms tend to be more profitable than smaller firms.

In the infographic below, you'll find the correlation between the size of a firm, in terms of net fees, and the corresponding profit as measured by Income Per Equity Partner.

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Charles Hylan

About the Author

Charles Hylan, co-author of the authoritative Rosenberg Survey: National Study of CPA Firm Statistics, joined The Growth Partnership as a Shareholder after dedicating 12 years consulting with, and working in, accounting firms ranging from sole-practitioners to National and Big 5 firms. During this time, Charles spent more than eight years working at Price Waterhouse and Arthur Andersen where he began his career as an auditor before transitioning into a strategic planning and marketing role. Charles entered the accounting consulting industry in 1999 as a Vice President in the Consulting Services division of Waugh & Co.

As a shareholder, Charles’ passion is to help each client succeed as a business owner. To this end, he is a trusted advisor to clients within several areas of TGP’s service offerings, including marketing, strategic planning, partner compensation, partner buy-in/out, partner succession and leadership development.

Charles works closely with TGP clients to create high-impact marketing plans focused on implementation. As a practice management consultant, he draws upon his practical, “can-do” approach to help firms create and execute long-term plans, effective compensation systems, and realistic succession strategies. On the leadership development side of TGP, Charles facilitates several different training offerings that equip partners and future partners with the skills needed to successfully manage and lead their firm. Finally, Charles leads the efforts on bringing The Rosenberg Survey, a benchmark report comparing over 100 metrics across nearly 400 firms, to the accounting marketplace.

No matter what service Charles is providing, his passion is to help TGP clients succeed as business owners. Charles is an inspiration to clients due to his unique ability to focus on implementation…the only true way to bring about change.

Charles has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the accounting profession by Accounting Today and has written articles featured in various accounting publications and has spoken at many accounting firms, associations and other industry meetings and conferences.

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