The Bradley Burnett 2019 Federal Tax Update

By Bradley Burnett, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation)


Based on the author’s massively popular 16-hour seminars.

Latest up-to-date information for preparing 2019 returns.
> Easy to use, boiled down to the essentials.
> Practical handbook and desk reference (Not CPE eligible).
> Code, reg., cases, analysis, guidance.
> Fully Indexed.
> Searchable by any word, phrase, rule or reg.
> Printable on any office or home printer – a single page or all 673.
> Comprehensive.
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> With the practical wit and wisdom that makes Bradley Burnett one of the nation’s top tax instructors.

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(PDF, 59 pages, the complete table of contents for all 14 chapters)

Everything you need, packed into one convenient PDF eBook desk reference.

Tax professionals, return preparers, and tax planners rely on Bradley Burnett’s Federal Tax Update to keep up with late-breaking tax developments to steer clear of trouble and avoid paying too much tax.

The Federal Tax Update gets professionals current with the most important cutting-edge new federal tax developments and serves as a handy desktop (or tablet or laptop) reference with a complete index and searchable keywords.

A bomb has been dropped on Federal income taxation as we know it. Treasury has picked up part of the ball and run with it. Another tax season is immediately on the table.

How many of these questions can you confidently answer…?

  1. How best to approach timing under the Tax Cuts Jobs Act (TCJA) and beyond?
  2. How will various income tax forms be radically different?
  3. What new cybersecurity protocols does the new PTIN application mandate?
  4. How best to structure with debt these days?
  5. When is a real estate rental a business?
  6. How does the new IRS Sheriff in town completely change our future?
  7. What major new opportunities (& traps) lay in the final bonus depreciation regs?
  8. How has IRS complicated each simple 1040 with a complex question about cryptocurrency?
  9. How do the all-new loss limitation rules kick the can down the road?
  10. How best to report positions swimming in a sea of uncertainty?


Chapter 1: Individual

Chapter 2: Real Estate

Chapter 3: Investment

Chapter 4: Individual Retirement Accounts

Chapter 5: Estate, Gift and Fiduciary

Chapter 6: Business and Cost Recovery

Chapter 7: Fringe Benefit and Qualified Retirement Plans

Chapter 8: Employment Tax, Self-Employment Tax and Forms 1099

Chapter 9: C Corporations and Exempt Organizations

Chapter 10:  S  Corporations

Chapter 11: Disregarded  Entities

Chapter 12:   Partnerships and LLCs

Chapter 13: IRS Practice and Procedure

Chapter 14:  Special  Topics

(PDF, 59 pages, the complete table of contents for all 14 chapters)

Rave Reviews for Bradley Burnett:
Expert, Instructor, Motivator

“Wow! This is incredibly thorough. I’m impressed. You’ve sorted out and explained this complex area beautifully.” – Randall Roth, Professor of Law, University of Hawaii, Of Counsel to Hawaii Trust Law

“Mr. Burnett is refreshing and incredibly smart about content.” -L.H., Cook, MN

“Bradley is an awesome instructor! I understood him, he injected humor to keep it interesting and didn’t talk over your head. As a newer tax preparer, I am so glad I was able to understand what he was talking about, even if some of the topics have not yet been encountered by me, as yet.” -C.H., Cottonwood, AZ

“Bradley was a great instructor, and there was a ton of great information. Every slide was informative! I highly recommend this instructor and I’ll keep an eye out for his courses in the future.” -L.A., Sioux Falls, SD

“Great presentation. Good pace – and he provided helpful bullet point observations on real-life cases” – B.C.W., Los Angeles, CA

“Bradley Burnett is a great instructor! I really enjoyed all of the court cases, examples and new law he discussed! He did an excellent job and I look forward to attending other courses he teaches. He always does a great job!” -A.R., Granger, IN

“Absolutely LOVED this presenter! Down-to-earth and FULL of great information. Thank you!” -C.G., Park City, UT

“This is my first experience with Bradley Burnett as a presenter. I’ve been attending CPE events for many years. His presentation was one of the best I’ve attended, making information easy to retain and doing much with only one hour. Kudos!” -C.F., Holden, MO

“Extremely knowledgeable presenter. I want Brad in my corner if I ever have IRS issues.” -D.T., Oklahoma City, OK

“Fantastic seminar. Great job of covering a lot of material in the time provided. I always enjoy listening to a well-versed lawyer in the areas of tax law. It shows how important it is to follow and be aware of all the new changes and how it affects the taxpayer and the tax return preparer.” – D.G., Green Bay, WI

“Bradley Burnett was amazing in both his knowledge and his presentation method, keeping my interest the entire time!” -D.K., Southport, NC

About Bradley Burnett

Bradley Burnett, J.D., LL.M., is a practicing Colorado tax attorney with 33 years of tax practice experience. His practice emphasis is on tax planning and tax controversy resolution. He also prepares a handful of tax returns.

Prior to establishing his own law firm in 1990, he practiced tax accounting with national and local CPA firms, worked as a trust officer for a Denver bank and managed the tax department as partner in a medium-sized Denver law firm. After receiving his undergraduate degree in accounting and law degree (J.D.), he earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from the University of Denver School of Law Graduate Tax Program.

Mr. Burnett has delivered more than 3,000 presentations on U.S. tax law throughout all fifty U.S. states, Washington, D.C., the Bahamas, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Canada. He has authored texts of 35 CPE courses.

Bradley served as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver School of Law Graduate Tax Program, where he pioneered an employment tax course and occasionally pinch hit teaching the IRS practice and procedure topic. He has appeared on television answering tax questions for call-in viewers of Denver NBC affiliate KUSA Channel 9. Brad received the Illinois Society of CPAs Instructor Excellence Award for teaching in Chicago and five times has been the top-rated, most requested instructor for CPA Society annual tax conferences.

Burnett delivers the subject matter in a briskly paced, enthusiastic and witty fashion. His forte’ is the candid communication of practical ideas relating to tax law.

(PDF, 59 pages, the complete table of contents for all 14 chapters)

The Bradley Burnett 2019 Federal Tax Update