Business Development on a Budget – The Full Workbook & Podcast Series


The 25-Step Program for Building a Business Development Infrastructure in Your Accounting Firm

By Martin Bissett

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  1. Introduction to Part One (00:38)
  2. Selling the Whole Time (04:52)
  3. We’re Always Selling (03:24)

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Bissett square33 Reasons Every Tax & Accounting Practice Needs Business Development on a Budget

Tackle the tough problems and get answers to the big questions with step-by-step lessons and concrete actions, including:

1. Where Do I Start in Proactively Winning New Work?

2. How Do I Take Control of Forecasting My Business Growth?

3. How Do I Stay in Control without Being Salesy?

4. How to Eat an Elephant

5. It’s Not Selling. It’s Cross-Supporting

6. The Right to Ask for Referrals

7. Your Referral Program

8. Filling Your Pipeline

9. Your Blueprint for Business Development on a Budget

10. Conceptual Task: “We’re Selling the Whole Time”

11. Always Selling

12. Winning Your First Client

13. Banish the Idea that Selling is Difficult

14. Overcome Recurring Fee Apathy

15. Prepare Your Next Generation of Professionals

16. Develop the Habit of Consistency

17. Keep Your Pipeline Full

18. Buy into the Case for Your Pipeline

19. Honestly Appraise Your Prospects

20. Stop Under-charging

21. Scrutinize Your Website Promises

22. Make Sure Your Perception Equals the Client’s Reality

23. Prepare a Range of Questions Before the Sales Meeting

24. Understand the DNA of Business Development Success

25. Get Your A.C.C.O.U.N.T.S. in Order

26. Prepare for the First Meeting

27. Create a Winning Proposal

28. Handle Objections Effectively

29. Get the Pricing Right

30. Close the Deal and Get Paid

31. Preventing Buyer’s Remorse

32. Calculating Your Growth Target

33. Build and Maintain Your Referral System

From the Foreword

By Helen Wilkie

Over his many years of working with accountants in the U.K. and abroad, Martin Bissett has developed a system that helps accountants learn to love selling. Well, maybe not love it, but at least understand and learn to do it. “Business Development on a Budget” distils his system and methods into a concise blueprint which, if readers follow it, will lead to their success.

Many accounting practices find it difficult to grow. Traditionally, the accounting profession has put heavy reliance on referrals and recurring fees, producing the illusion that they didn’t need to sell. In fact, for many years the perception was that they shouldn’t sell. In today’s competitive business world, that attitude no longer leads to success, and certainly not growth.

In “Business Development on a Budget,” Martin has done a masterful job of using this technique to illustrate some fairly complex ideas. Martin takes readers through the blueprint, teaching his methods in a highly practical way.

See the complete set of Martin Bissett’s practice development and professional training library

Business Development on a Budget is the perfect companion volume to Bissett’s best-selling Winning Your First Client and Passport to Partnership.

About the Author

Martin Bissett, author of Winning Your First Client, Passport to Partnership, and Business Development on a Budget, is the founder of The Upward Spiral Partnership Ltd., the UK-based consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of professional selling and leadership skills in the next generation of accounting professionals.

Previously, Martin served ten years on the board of the directors of the UK’s leading provider of high-quality new business appointments for accountancy firms. There, he held the responsibility for the nurture and organic growth of the organization’s new client base, including six of the UK’s top 30 firms of accountants.

Martin became fascinated by the apparent juxtaposition of partners not vocalizing what they were looking for in terms of an accomplished skill set from their potential future partners and their managers not asking to discover what that skill set included, despite wanting to reach that very position. In a profession with a supposed “Succession Crisis” on the horizon, this apparent stand-off struck him as curious. This has led Upward Spiral Partnership to personally interview several hundred partners and managers in the US and UK to learn what partners are looking for and how the managers see their own future in the firm. There are, of course, firms who have addressed this issue already, and their initiatives have also been captured.

The results of the research, including both the consensus and the exceptions to the general opinion, is called “Passport to Partnership.” This study provides the highlights of each factor that the majority of partners interviewed use as their criteria when evaluating whether someone in their organization can make it to the top. As a result of the combination of his experience, intellectual property and this proprietary research, Martin now consults with accounting firms in the UK, Europe and the USA to support them in their transition through to the next stage of their development and growth.


Softcover. 158 pages. Printed in the USA.

Business Development on a Budget – The Full Workbook & Podcast Series



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