Busy Season 2015: Worse and Worser

After a bad year for many practitioners, watch for the consolidation and shakeout to come. By Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines Research Before Busy Season 2015 had even begun, tax professionals were worrying most about the new rules and regulations they’d … Continued

Busy Season 2015: Comprehensive Coverage

In case you missed it… In this directory, CPA Trendlines compiles complete coverage of the 2015 busy season. IRS Seeks More Tools to Fight Refund Fraud FY 2016 budget provisions would expand authority for regulation, correctable errors. Workflow Automation Takes Root in … Continued

Busy Season 2015: Fixing the Tax System

How tax professionals would remake the tax code.  Imagine there’s no deductions, it’s easy if you try. No 8965, no1095-A, above us, only sky. Imagine all the CPAs, Living for today… By CPA Trendlines Research There’s nothing like another tax … Continued

Busy Season 2015: New Lessons in Time Management

Lesson learned: Plan, prioritize, repeat. Next question: Key financial metrics for 2015 results. Join the survey; get the answers. By CPA Trendlines Research They don’t call it “Busy Season” for nothing. It’s a frenetic, hectic, even hellish effort to herd client cats … Continued

Busy Season 2015: When Clients Are the Problem

Top nine client management solutions. NEXT QUESTION: Lessons Learned. Join the survey; get the results By CPA Trendlines Research The CPA Trendlines annual Busy Season Barometer is uncovering some frank and candid talk about clients. Yes, we love them. Couldn’t … Continued

Busy Season 2015: Headaches from Obamacare

‘ACA is PITA BS for CPAs.’ Next year’s plan: ‘Become a monk.’ Next question: The smartest moves this busy season? Join the survey; get the results By CPA Trendlines Research As Busy Season 2015 grinds down, tax prep professionals are grappling … Continued