The 5 First Steps in Targeting Clients

How to build a plan. By Ed Mendlowitz 101 Questions and Answers for Managing an Accounting Practice  QUESTION: I want to start growing my practice but am having trouble defining my target client.  I tend to accept every client I … Continued

When Should You Drop a Client?

The thought and calculation that goes into pruning a client list. By Ed Mendlowitz “Tax Season Opportunity Guide” QUESTION: I want to clean out my client list of small tax clients because I am just too jammed during tax season, … Continued

I Just Lost My Biggest Client

By Ed Mendlowitz “Tax Season Opportunity Guide” QUESTION: I just suddenly lost my biggest client. They said they outgrew me. What could I have done to keep them? RESPONSE: Maybe nothing. And at this point it may not matter, but … Continued

Past Due Fees

By Ed Mendlowitz “Tax Season Opportunity Guide” Question: A client owes me a very large amount of money and seems to be giving me a runaround and I need to get the check quickly. The client has the cash, so … Continued

Accountants and Six Fundamental Human Needs

By Hitendra Patil Pransform Celebrity Author Anthony “Tony” Robbins identified six fundamental human needs that everyone has in common, and states that all behavior is simply an attempt to meet those six needs. These Six Human Needs are Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety, … Continued