Finance and Accounting Job Confidence Slips

Survey: Staffers dismayed about job prospects and the economy. The Accounting and Finance Employee Confidence Index, a measure of overall confidence among U.S. accounting and finance workers, slips 2.1 points to 50.0 in the second quarter of 2011, according to … Continued

Accounting Jobs Advance for 3rd Month in a Row

Accounting and bookkeeping sector adds 17,800 jobs in May. In the biggest single-month gain since the recession, the accounting industry added almost 18,000 new jobs in May, bringing the total headcount to 926,300, a 29-month high. In fact, accounting was … Continued

Looking for a Growth Industry? How’s VoIP Sound?

Expansion through the downturn. Industry research firm IBISWorld identifies the top 10 fastest growing industries from 2000 to 2016.   “After compiling the list of fastest growing industries, there were some apparent trends,” explained IBISWorld Senior Analyst Casey Thormahlen. “Each … Continued

This Isn’t Your Father’s Recession

No economic slowdown has been as bad for jobs as this one. The big red line is the current employment recession. Nothing in the last 63 years has been as painful or as prolonged for American workers. The good news? … Continued

CPA Firms Hit New Headcount High-water Mark

Shaking off the recession with a good busy season. Apparently driven by an improved busy season, CPA firms added 4,800 jobs in March, the latest month available, bringing the total workforce to 423,100. The figures are not seasonally adjusted.

U.S. Tax Rates, 1916-2010

From Visualizing Economics, we see this spectacular depiction of the top Marginal Tax Rates in the U.S., from 1916-2010, for Personal Income, Corporate, and Capital Gains tax rates: