SURVEY: Phone, Email Tied for Client Communication

Portals used by 53 percent.

By Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley
The Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey

bar chart

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Five Top Tech Trends for 2021

Buzzwords that took a back seat to the pandemic are returning.

By Rick Richardson

2020 was a disruptive year for the tech industry – accelerating developments that may have taken three to five years to implement to everyday use almost overnight.

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Given these developments, here are five tech industry trends we’ll see within the next 11 months:

Deliver Internal Reports Digitally

Abstract illustration of binary data flowYes, even to the owners.

By Roman H. Kepczyk

Improving firm efficiency means that the owners have to get on board. One of the more obvious opportunities is the delivery of the firm’s own financial reports. Many firms still print a hard copy of the monthly financials and distribute them to each owner, many of whom physically store these documents in a binder or drawer in their office.

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Most firms consider these documents confidential and yet copies are distributed throughout the office, many of which are not secured. A better solution is to set up an “owner’s drawer” on the firm’s portal or document management system and post one copy of the monthly financial statements when they are ready.