Pick Your Partners Right to Begin With

Choose intelligently and avoid problems later. by Marc Rosenberg, CPA What characteristics do you want someone to possess before you invite them to be a partner? Leading firms across the country generally choose from the following:

The Partner Compensation Checklist

It’s a process. by Gary L. Adamson Adamson Advisory There is a constant topic of conversation both inside firms and at almost every conference. It is the age-old question of partner compensation and “how do you do it”. As our … Continued

Seven Steps to Building a Great Partnership

What makes an accounting firm great? by August Aquila Aquila Global Advisors  Too many firms don’t give a lot of thought to the question.Their main concern is surviving. But the sooner a firm can start focusing on what makes a … Continued

Tax Season 2011 Disappoints Some

Despite economic recovery, many firms seem unable to capitalize on new opportunities. Click here to join the Tax Season 2011 survey; get the results. Tax accountants are finishing the 2011 busy season with stronger results than they expected, but – … Continued